Saturday, March 7, 2009

it made me cry...

i was reading this blog a while back, and it was a revelation of a human soul...for soooooo long, i have never read any post that was AS BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING AS THAT WAS! I may be an emotional wreck sometimes, and that really made me cry. Opening up and letting all the facades vanish may seem like a huge step, but to have courage and heart to witness that, god, it made me cry...kudos for you too, you deserve it! You are a beautiful person, L, and you deserve nothing but the best. What you just went through is something that doesn't happen everyday...Gud luck to you, and may the love you seek (and greatly deserve) be just around the corner! till next time...

Friday, February 6, 2009

The newest top model i love...Jordan Loukas!

Those eyes!!!those lips! that face!!! no wonder the fashion world easily welcomed this aussie into its couture embrace!

Oooooooohhhhhhh....he bit it!!!

first and foremost, you can have your own rotten spot, swallow it whole, coz i'tll be like swallowing your foot whole!one word: yuck! the bitch, the truth and the ugly's main purpose is to expose the bitchy, ugly, truth about people-and those who swallow the words i spit is totally... just think: swallowing other's spit! super thin?thanks for the compliment, but that was an understatement! im not just thin, i'm waif! i'm 5'10 and a half (sooooo tyra), i've got uber long legs,i've got the fiercest eyes (and i don't need dior shades to compliment it!),i only weigh 49kg(bulimic-so supermodel!), i pose like i was born to bring couture in this world(and to show the world who deserves to do couture), and most of all, i'm a bitch!

yeah, maybe you don't need photoshop and i do,(i don't have good skin, really), but atleast, my photoshoot does not end wherin the final, "BEST", shot is me staring almost at the back, hiding my face...well, i won't blame you, atleast you have an eye on what angle you look best, even if it is the back of your head (oh, you did put on a patch..., you don't have to cover that much, the fashion world embraces odd beauty...i mean, beauty?)love yah!P.S. watch out for my next photoshoot, i might just educate you about a thing or two about couture!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

kate's hologram!

here is kate moss' hologram for the alexander mc queen fashion show in the louvre it!!!!

Aussies hitting it to the next level....

Australia's Next Top Model does have the right to brag...they have showcased some of the best model pictures there is to see...I just hated it when they changed their host for the 3rd cycle onwards...Heynatz was sooooooooo much better!and more beautiful, fiercer, modelesque-er! here are some of their best pics from the second season! genius!!!

love it!!!!

canada's next top model...are they hitting it?

i bought a DVD of Canada's Next Top Model hosted by Mr. J from the original show...after watching it, i have to say, there's a good ring to it! the opening is fierce, and the pictorials aren't bad either!here's some of their pics...

antm 12....GET INTO THE FOLD!!!

YAY!!!!I FINALLY WATCHED THE AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL PREVIEW FOR CYCLE 12! the ad featured a ballerina/model running through a hall, finally jumping into a bunch of letters of ANTM! and there's another one, where models are like appearing form a couple of origami papers, and shriveling back!FIERCE!!!