Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It Hurts....it ain't elastic!

I can still remember when i had my first...uhmmm...you know what i mean! but i'm not talking bout the usual oral routine! i'm talking bout the butt encounter..
well, it wasn't fun at all1 i think of it as an unfair intercourse when only he gets satisfied (all ya'll bottoms out there, raise your glass for me!i'm your voice, for god's sake!) its like having your hole drilled by something too big, and your hole can't seem to adjust that you can't even give some lovin' moan! it was like screaming for dear life! and after the encounter, god, i was soooooo exhausted that i couldn't even stand up ( he asked me if i wanted to go out and grab some coffee and i'm like "are you kidding me?") so i stayed there, feeling as if i have been raped and betrayed and murdered!!!but hey, i don't give a damn!as long as he gives out those outrageous moans ("oh goooooooooood!!!oh yes!!!aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!), i still feel as if i'm not a lousy partner when it comes to new dimensions (ok, ruben, there goes the martyr again!) but, hear this: to all tops out there, after you have tortured as like there's no tommorow, better make sure that you can give us satisfaction that'll make us forget our ass trauma! (oh my god, i smell a pulitzer!) and please, always have a lubricated condom so as not to frighten us! especially if your cock makes us doubt your most powerful organ: is that a cock or a tree trunk? love ya'll!!!!

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Niel Camhalla said...

Would a little practice help?