Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the new kate moss? i almost puked!!!

i first read it from a magazine...then another magazine...then a news report about the Sao Paolo Fashion Week...then another magazine...then from E.T....then BOOM!!!!i could not just ignore it, for the couture god's sake! is Agyness Deyn really the new Kate Moss?

for those stupid people who doesn't know agyness(left) and kate!)!

HELL NO! NO FUCKING WAY!!!ok, she's cute and long-legged and fierce and knows what she's doing and all, but to compare, or even describe her as "the next", Kate Moss is totally a bad way to blow it!!! KATE MOSS IS A LEGEND! the moment her "OBSESSION" hit the fashion world, Kate Moss captured the fashion world in a single grip! ads after ads after ads took her under their wing, but she was the reason those ads flew (see the irony?) and she changed the fashion world forever (she made those old world supermodels look pathetic!good for them!) Agyness Deyn? NOT IN THIS LIFETIME BABY!NO, NO,JUST PLAIN, STRAIGHT FORWARD NO!!! IN THE NAME OF LA CHAPELLE, NO!!!

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