Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photoshop Miracles...

i know, u have read stuffs like this before, but i still don't get it why some people still treat it as a way NOT to improve the picture but simply to decorate their pics and be like "voila!" There's this gay who posted in his blog a picture where he extols his greatness as a picture editor, and all that, but all he really did was to put all those glittering bullshit around his face and feel like a nymph! I'M LIKE "THAT'S IT?"...wanna see how far i can go to really give a picture that fairy tale essence? compare my before and after pic below:

here's my before and after pic!!! hahaha, see the similarities? now beat that! who's the nymph now!!!

1 comment:

Melissa Is LOVE said...

You know what? You're kind of handsome for a gay dude, but kudos to you for keeping it real. :)