Saturday, December 13, 2008

Abra people rock!

let me tell you a story when i first went to Abra when i was in 2nd year high school! it was during the regional schools press conference, and we were like "oh my god, this place is soooo...._________(anything negative, just fill in the blank!) we slept in a school for the whole duration of the contest (5 days!we slept inside classrooms for 5 days!) but the worst part? the comfort rooms!not only were they below subpar, they were just plain disgusting!totally disgusting! and....god!you have to wait in line for like 5 hours just to take a bath! i mean, hello? there are like 400 students and 5 comfort rooms, and the reason why it takes people forever to stay inside was because A.) they are such insensitive assholes and they don't give a shit about the people outside, who are in the verge of shitting their pants!or B.) they left such a huge, disgusting mess in the toilet bowl that they are now frantically doing evrything they could to hide it, or maybe because the person next in line saw it and went bulimic, plus the nauseaus smell was too overpowering that it made the whole line shudder with disgust!

So anyway, my gay friend and I decided to beat the usual routine. How? We planned to get up in 4am, to use the toilet, take a long bath, and maybe take another potty incase we feel something welling up inside our tummies! so we woke up at 3:50 am, ran to the comfort rooms and, WHAM!right in front of us, a huge line awaits! we underestimated the other students! they were thinking the same thing! so what to do? nothing! we just decided to not take a bath, and just walk outside the campus, and hope that a cute guy will appear infront of us! we went sourgraping the incident! "i bet the water's dirty anyway!" "i think the CR is haunted by ghosts!" "blegh! who needs toilet bowls!the human race can survive without it!"

But deep within our hearts, we wanted to scrub the thickening dead skin cells from our neck asap!i felt so sticky, you could almost use my sweat as an alternative for a super glue!i nearly cried...when suddenly, a fairy godmother appeared! she owned the house infront of, which wasn't really big, and she was cleaning the front gates. when she asked us "why the sad face?" (ofcourse she didn't say it as is!), we instantly complained (talk about pathetic!). Atfirst, she was like so-so about it, but when she found out that we were from baguio, she almost went balistic! after a few dizzy moments, i suddenly found myself inside their living room, eating glorious food, and sippng coffee! She woke up the whole household, who then gathered around us and started giving us whatever things we didn't even need! we took a long shower, and used the toilet the right way: as our throne! After i stepped outside the bathroom, i soon found the woman at the neighbor's house, asking the neighbor to have their cable wire connected to their television set (they didn't have their own connection) so that her guests-us-could watch something interesting! i was stunned! if they say that filipinos are hospitable, its an understatement!filipinos take it to the extreme. After another hour, we finally left the house, our grins reaching our ears, as we were excited to tell everyone how lucky we just got!Abra people rocks!

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