Monday, December 8, 2008


Yes, this is ony the first part of my creepy experience in that god-forsaken place, that f'ing haunted building..that...ok, im just a bit bitter, coz i wasn't able to see any ghosts for the last few years that i had spent going to that old, abandoned place!

Well, let me start with... 2 years ago! me and some of my friends went there to release the tension we felt in this world, to remove the anxiety we carried with us, to put off the burdens we... ok, we just went there to drink! we arrived there at about 8pm, and i was carrying, through huffs and puffs, all the drinks we planned to consume (it weighed about 3 kilos. gosh, imagine the f'ing toll it took on my amazingly slim body!) so, after bribing the guard to let us inside the building on such a late notice (and paying him P80! gosh, those f'ing guards!), we were finally able to infiltrate the creepy place! and when i say creepy, i mean REALLY CREEPY! i mean, the place looks like the perfect setting for a movie where a demented psychopathic anatomy doctor keeps his victims!or a setting where a wicked doctor once used the place as a haven of child torture (much like that one in "hostel") or a setting anyway, we entered the building!this is how it looks like:

i mean, hello? how creepy is that? and imagine we went there at night! so anyways, we went inside, and i pretended that i wasnt scared (i heard from a friend that pretending to be brave is one way for ghosts not to spook you, and that ghosts fall for that shit anytime!) we went inside, and after a few seconds, i suddenly felt that cold, eerie feeling! who wouldn't? look at the pictures!and remember, it was 8 pm! not a single light was on, so we had to make use of cellphone lights to guide us in! all my friends (some of them total jackasses) were forced to shut up: you cannot deny that cold aura even if you insist that it was psychological! there were 9 of us, and we proceeded to the 2nd floor, where we thought we would feel safe (wrong!i found out!) and tried to find a room where we could stay (very wrong! i later found out!) and reached the fire place (the fatal mistake!i found out!) and there was this surge of cold and heavy feeling that just washed me out! it was in that place that i anyway, we decided to go back down and start drinking before our nerves get the better of us! we settled in a quiet corner where we can drink peacefully: a place that is far from the guards sight incase he suddenly decides to check on us (if he had the guts to go in alone!) but still near an exit incase those damned souls suddenly decides to check on us to test if someone can see their rotting faces and gory bodies.

and so, we started to gulp those little angels of satisfaction! it took me 2 bottles of san mig strong ice to finally calm down, (i didn't smoke that time!) and we started getting noisy. I dont know if it was the alcohol, but soon, we felt warmer, and noisy, and horny, and... so anyways, our drinking session went on, until...CLUG, CLUG,CLUG CLUG,CLOP,TUG,DUG,DUG (and whatever other sound effect you might think is more appropriate for it! im just describing it the way i heard it) we heard like a hundred footsteps that came crashing from the upper floor!it was as if hundreds of people were running around!it was so f'ing scary, the next thing i knew, i was outside the gate, running for dear life! who gives a fuck bout the others when...hey, wait a minute!...where are the others? i realized there were only two of us, the other 7 a-holes were no where to be found (they took another route to run to-deeper into the building!f'ing morons!) after a couple of minutes, they emerged, safe and unharmed (one had a cut on his forehead!one moron pushed him aside to run!talk about friends for ever, through thick and thin...and spook, in this case!) we vowed never to go back to that place, until...

a year ago! and and two of my friends decided to go back to that place, you know, investigate on...ok fine! we just went there to freak ourselves out! after bribing the guard with the international language anyone understands (money!), we went in! it was about 8pm, and we said our prayers outside before surging in (and i led the prayer, the kind and godly person that i am!) we held hands, as we walked inside. it was sooooooooo fucking freaky!(it really is!see, i even used the f word!) we went around the place, but (thank god) didnt see anything! the bullshit part came in the next day: WE ALL GOT SICK! as in, we all felt ill, i felt something heavy on my chest and shoulders (its not the "shutter" type of pain, thank god) and so did my friends! we all went home early! we concluded that it was because of our entry in that building! i wasn't that convinced, however! but i am now, because...

a few weeks ago, i went back to the place with ate mariliv, anton, efren and jetli! we even brought some alcohol! the place looked freaky as ever, and after bribing the guards with money (this time P150! god, those guards!damn them!) we were able to get was already 9pm (i think) and we entered the place! and, surprise, surprise : I WASN'T SCARED AT ALL! I SWEAR! i went inside ahead of them and the only thing i was thinking about was about my runway walk ("ate liv, why is jetli's walk better than mine?") and i went about smoking, doing catwalks, smoking, doing some more catwalks, etc.) the first time i felt fear was when i touched one of my friends:HE WAS SO F'ING SHAKING! you could really feel the fear he felt! god, it was insane! to be able to have someone with that aura is just tooo overwhelming, so i let go! after a couple more minutes (and with our drinks untouched...hello? who was in the mood to drink?) we finally left! outside the gates, all the stories started pouring out (one saw this, the other felt that, another heard this, one thought he saw that) and i'm like..."WHY THE F DID I NOT FEEL?SEE?HEAR A SINGLE THING? So did i enjoy the experience? not that much! as for my friends...well, they dreaded it! wanna know what happened the day after? anton became infected with chickenpox(for the second time), efren totally got sick(he didnt wear pageant make-up to school...FOR THE FIRST TIME!) and ate liv contracted a cold! and i didnt get sick! i ended safe and same and sane (pimples and all)and it was soooo weird! (jetli didnt feel ill or anything! he didn't enter the place, in the first place!) a girl a while back told me that i didn't get sick or anything because i had this strong aura, and that the ghosts or any other bad elements couldn't mess up with me (i was grinning the whole time she said that!i love being complimented like that)...and so, i thought i was untouchable, until... (to be continued!)

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