Thursday, December 4, 2008


well, there you have it! i have now entered the world of blogging! first and foremost, let me get one thing straight: brianboy doesn't have anything to do with this!but i adore that squeaky little boy, i mean, who could be gayer than him/her/whatever he/she prefers! ok, this is about me, i just want to tell you that my blog doesn't really expose anything which is beyond whta you read in most blogs, or nothing about the latest jists of f.y.i., but let me tell you one thing: ITS GONNA BE ONE OF A KIND RIDE! im not one of those bloggers who goes like "i hate this world" (but i wouldn't call the world a sweetheart either) and im not one of those stupid bloggers who go like "i went out a while back, and the weather was so hot, and i had fun with my friend mara, and i felt blessed!"(god, those f'ing people). this blog is about everything that stands for itself,..this blog is for THE BITCH, THE TRUTH, AND THE UGLY!

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