Friday, December 12, 2008

the Diplomat Files: Part 2

well, now...where did i stop? oh yeah...well, here goes!

so then, we went to diplomat hotel one saturday afternoon! it was a lazy afternoon, really, but i wanted to go there, so i got ready in like 20 minutes, rode a taxi, and got there in 45 minutes. it was a smooth ride when suddenly, BEEP! a text message from ate liv telling me ..."WHAT? JEDA AND MILDRED ARE COMING TOO?"God, those people! so, without further ado, i just had to put on another fake veneer and be like "oh my god, jeda, so glad you came!" whatever! so, when i got there, i immediately wanted to get some photos (maybe i'll catch a glimpse of a ghost or two)! so i grabbed jetli and asked him to direct my impromptu photoshoots. He was scared ("ala gurl, ayoko! baka may makita pa ako, im not prepared!") so i had to go by myself. I took photos of the corridor, the fireplace, and finally, the bath tub! It was fun at first, but then i noticed that most of my pictures were blurred! my hands weren't trembling, so i found this weird. To test my theory, i took another picture of me inside that "hot tub" while holding the camera as steady as possible. still, it was blurred! freaky, i thought. So, i went around the place, took some more pictures, did some catwalks, until it was time to go. So i immediately went out, joined my friends outside the gate, and opened all the pictures i stored at the camera, and...wait a minute? where are the pictures?

i soon realized that all the pictures were gone. There was only one picture left! and the freakiest part? when you open your gallery menu in your phone, you would see a thumbnail of your pic, ryt? right! i saw the thumbnail of my picture, allright! it was me, sitting on a tub, smiling as plastically spastic as possible! but once i opened the picture to view the image on a larger scale, all i see is a blurred image with a black figure in the center. Freaky, totally! i sent it to some of my friends, and they all saw the same!

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