Saturday, December 13, 2008

going deviant (as in deviant art!)

a couple of a-holes at school are making a fuss about their accounts for! they're like "im gonna look into my deviantart account and see what i can get!" or "he's not that good at drawing!have you seen his artworks at deviantart?" so i was like "whats with this deviant fever?" after browsing the net, and learning much a bout it, is actually a site where people can store, sell, and upload different artworks for the whole net world to see!i made a new account for myself, and i created my first ever digital art, using adobe photoshop! i used the lasso tool to select a particular region, then airbrushed to death! it took me a whole day to create it, but it was really fun!i know it looks amateurish, but i love it! it's me me me ( i mean, the image!it looks like me, minus the goatee!)

am i not an artist?

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